Chasing Seagulls

{May 3, 2009}   First Love

I’m beginning to lose interest in the things that have already happened to me and have started thinking only of what I’m going to do. I guess that’s part of growing up (I’m doing that as slowly as possible). But I do want to record certain things so that when I’m old and feeble-minded, I’ll have a reference. What’s the point of living a life that you can’t remember?

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{April 17, 2009}   Sticky Situation

I got another Cancun story for you. It also involves being drunk, as do most of my Cancun stories. I was drunk almost every day for 2 years. Not a good way to live your life, but at the time, it was the only thing I had to keep me going.

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{March 17, 2009}   Mexican Jail, Vol.2

Okay, so, continuation…

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{March 17, 2009}   Mexican Jail

Got a couple of stories for you.

About four or five years ago, I was living in Cancun, Mexico. If you’ve ever been there, you understand that the local past-time is drinking. And what a lot of the young tourists are most afraid of is ending up in a Mexican jail. There are such horror stories told that I thought that I would share my experiences.

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