Chasing Seagulls

{April 30, 2009}   Beer Run

The first time I skipped school to have fun, I was in the first half of my sophomore year. There was a guy named D. that drove my brother and I to school in this really huge and ugly station wagon. We called it “The Hearse”. It got about 8 miles to the gallon, so instead of spending our lunch money as we were supposed to, we gave it to D. for gas money. As ugly as The Hearse was, it was still better to drive to school rather than riding the bus with the rest of the geeks.

One afternoon, my brother told me that he, D., a guy I had a crush on named J., and their friend, T., all planned to skip school the next day and asked if I wanted to join them. As hard as I was riding J.’s nuts, I couldn’t say no. I knew it would be fun and I really wanted to be in close proximity to J. Even if he didn’t pay any attention to me (which he usually didn’t), he was nice to look at.

The next morning, D. came to pick up me and my brother. Then we picked up J. He sat in the front seat, so I got maximum ogling time. From there, we went to T.’s house. He lived down a private road, so we parked at the end of it and waited. A few minutes later, T. came running across the field and jumped in the car. The day had begun.

We went to a house out in the country not too far from where we went to school. A couple of girls lived there, named S1. and S2.  I didn’t know them, but they seemed to be friends of J.’s. We hung out there for most of the morning, drinking beer and listening to music.  S2. was drinking a bottle of Robitussin.

I was surprised when my brother told me that J. wanted to see me in the bedroom. He had not paid me any more attention than usual and I couldn’t understand what he would want to see me about. When I went in the room, he was sitting on the bed, smiling at me. I don’t remember the details of the conversation, but in short, he wanted to fuck. I was completely flabbergasted. On the one hand, I really liked him and the fact that he wanted to fuck me was flattering. But on the other hand, he had never acted like he was interested in me before and it all seemed too convenient. Here I was, obviously enamored, and there he was, bored and a little drunk. Umm, no. This was way before my slut stage, and I was still capable of making a good decision based on the circumstances. It also helped that I had heard some interesting stories about J. having a monster cock, and I didn’t feel up to the challenge.  So I told him that I wouldn’t do it because the only reason he was asking me was because he was drunk.  He respected that and didn’t press the issue.

We all decided to drive into the city since we didn’t have anything else to do.  When we got there, T. suggested that we do a beer run.  I don’t think anyone in the car actually believed he was serious until we drove up to the Circle K and started making plans — T. would grab the beer while J. and S1. distracted the clerk.  I didn’t think it was a good idea for J. and S1. to even go inside, because instead of worrying about one person getting away, we had to worry about three.  But they went with T.’s plan.  D. got out and put a parking placard over the license plate for the getaway.  He and S2. remained in the front seat and my brother and I were in the back.  We left the passenger doors open and watched our three friends go inside.  About two minutes later, T. came running out with a half case of beer in one hand and his ridiculously huge skater pants in the other.  He jumped in the front seat, but J. and S1. were nowhere to be seen.  We had no choice but to go.  As we left, I looked behind us and saw a man standing in the parking lot, pointing frantically at the car.  D. was sure that his little placard trick hadn’t worked, probably falling off as we sped away.  In any case, we got out of there.

As we drove away, the guy who had been pointing at the car decided to play superhero and followed us.  He caught up with us and tried to get us to pull over, which of course, we didn’t.  I had my head between my knees praying that we wouldn’t get caught.  My mother would kill us twice, once for skipping school and again for getting arrested.  Luckily, we did some quick maneuvering and lost him.  However, we stayed in the neighborhood, trying to decide what to do about J. and S1.  We had no idea what was going on with them, but we couldn’t just leave them there.  Then again, we couldn’t return in the same car for fear of getting caught ourselves.  We decided to get rid of the evidence and dropped the beer off in someone’s driveway.  Then we drove back towards the Circle K and parked in a driveway close by that was shielded from the street by a line of trees.  My brother put on a beanie and D.’s jacket as a “disguise” in case he had been seen in the car and got out to go see about J. and S1.  He walked to the edge of the driveway and peeped around the trees.  Immediately, he turned and ran back to the car, his face an O of panic.  As he jumped back in the car, Mr. Superhero, who had followed us earlier, drove up and saw us parked there.  He backed into the driveway in front of us and stopped, but didn’t get out of the car.  We were all sitting there, trying to figure out what he was doing.  D. suggested that someone should go talk to him and see if we could persuade him to let us go.  We all thought that was a stupid idea.  After a few minutes, it dawned on me.  I said, “Oh shit, you guys…he’s waiting for the police.”  We started looking for an escape route.  The place where we were parked was actually a small road leading to a couple of houses.  We turned the car around and headed to the other end of the drive.  There was a long branch blocking the way, and T. got out of the car to move it.  Instead of getting back in, he told us to go ahead.  He wanted us to think he was doing us a favor by leaving so he wouldn’t get us in trouble, but I think he was really trying to save his own ass.  No one could talk him into getting back in the car, and he took off.  Meanwhile, we still needed to get away.  The drive had run out, but we found ourselves behind some other houses, with a narrow path between a chain-link fence and the trees.  We drove in one direction for a minute until the trees got too near the fence for us to go any further.  We had to back up, but D. did this a little too fast and managed to drive completely underneath the fence into someone’s back yard.  I could see the fence in the front windshield and heard a piece of the molding on the side of the car come off.  Driving back out from under the fence, he then proceeded to hit a small tree and knocked the passenger rearview mirror off.  After all this, it seemed prudent to get out of the car and collect ourselves.  We hopped the fence and walked around one of the houses to take a look at the street, still trying to stay out of sight.  We saw Mr. Superhero drive by and assumed it was now safe to leave the way we had come in.  At that point, there was nothing to do but drive back to S1. and S2.’s house and wait for a call from J.

By the time we got back to her house, S2. was trippin’ balls.  The Robitussin was really working it’s magic.  While we waited for the phone to ring, we had to keep her as calm as we could.  She alternated between worrying about her sister and screaming for water — she thought she was going to blow up.

Finally, the call came.  J. and S1. were at a strip mall near the Circle K and told us to come pick them up.  J. said everything was cool and he would explain when we got there.  Meanwhile, S2. was screaming at J. on the phone, blaming him for her bad trip.  She said that he had told her she wouldn’t trip hard unless she drank the whole bottle.  Unfortunately, she had still drank 9/10 of one.  But after all the water she drank, she finally started coming down.

When we arrived at the mall, we were ecstatic.  Everyone was okay and not in jail.  J. dived into the back seat and threw his arms around me.  I was just as excited to see him and it was nice for the moment that it lasted.  After everyone had finished hugging, we started our way back to the house.  J. told us what happened on the way.

It seemed that T. didn’t want to do things the smart way.  Instead of grabbing the beer and running, he took it up to the counter.  The clerk looked at T. with a smirk and said sarcastically “Are you going to pay for that?”  T. said, “No,” and then ran.  J. and S1. were so stunned at his audacity that they could only stand there.  The clerk tried to run after him but didn’t make it, so he called the police.  He made J. and S1. stick around since they were witnesses.  Mr. Superhero came back after his attempt to stop us and gave the police his description of the car.  J. said he was completely off.  He got the color and the make of the car wrong.  When asked if he got the license number, he said we didn’t have one.  The police told J. and S1. that there were witnesses that said that they were seen coming in with T., but they denied knowing him.  When they were asked why they weren’t in school, they said they were dropouts.  So the police let them go.

By the time we got back, school was almost out, so D. dropped everyone back off at their houses.  We found out later that T. had made it back in one piece.  We all managed to survive the day without getting into trouble with the police or our parents.  And yet…we didn’t get the beer.

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