Chasing Seagulls

{April 17, 2009}   Hobnobbin’

Originally posted December 6, 2007.

I had a most interesting evening. Last night, my guy took me to the Plaza Athénée to meet Brett Ratner and Allen Hughes. My guy has done business with Allen allen.gifand has been hanging out with him and Brett since their arrival in Paris. I was invited along last night.

The Prince of Morocco (not sure which one) checked in to the hotel yesterday and wanted Brett’s room. So Brett was moved to the Royal Suite. For the inconvenience, they gave him the suite without charge for the rest of his stay. The suite is usually 16,000 euros a night, so you could imagine it was quite nice. Why the Prince didn’t take that room to begin with, I don’t know, but it provided a very nice setting for the evening.

Allen met us at the door. Brett came out of the bedroom and greeted us, then showed us around the suite. brett.gifHe’s a cool guy with a lot of energy. He was constantly on the phone. At one point during one of his calls, he said, “I’m not going to do a movie without a movie star. That’s retarded.” Funny shit.

We sat around for a while discussing current movies and music videos. Then Brett and Allen had to go to a business dinner, so my guy and I went downstairs to one of the hotel’s restaurants, Le Relais Plaza, and had dinner. Allen sent my guy a message that Brett wanted to pay for everything and wouldn’t have it any other way. I thought that was nice. We had a good table next to the piano, away from the rest of the crowd. The pianist was playing jazz classics. The champagne was the best I’ve ever tasted. We had King crab meat hors d’oeuvres, the house salad, and grilled lobster with pasta penne. Surprisingly good food for France. All in all, a nice dinner.

brett-allen.gifAfterwards, we went to the lounge to meet back up with Brett and Allen. When we got there, the group had gotten a little bigger. To my delight, one of the new arrivals was Robert Knepper, robert-brett.gifthe actor who plays T-Bag on Prison Break. My guy and I are big fans of the show, so we were really digging his presence. Also, Yvan Attal, the actor that plays George the taxi driver in Rush Hour 3 was there, along with some other people I didn’t know. We sat in the lounge for a few minutes, then everyone got up to go to Brett’s room. My guy started talking to Robert about his new movie, Hitman. We rode the elevator up with him and I told him I was impressed with his Southern accent in Prison Break, being that I’m from the South. He said that what he had done to capture the accent was to call the University of Alabama and record the people he spoke to.

robert.gifRobert, my guy and I had a pretty lengthy conversation about a number of things. It was pretty cool. When he left, he shook my hand and kissed me on each cheek. His goatee scratched my face. I loved it. That was my first big movie star encounter.

I got to shake everyone’s hand as they were leaving. My guy and I stayed to watch Helmut by June, a documentary that Brett produced about Helmut Newton. Brett went to sleep. So it was me, my guy, Allen, and Yi Zhou, a Chinese artist. Then, she left, and I stayed up listening to Allen and my guy shoot the shit until I couldn’t hold my eyes open any longer, and fell asleep on the sofa. My guy woke me up about 5 a.m. and we went home.

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