Chasing Seagulls

{March 21, 2009}   Witchboard

(This was originally published on Halloween ’07.  I’m leaving it as is.)

I have a ghost story and a something-wicked-this-way-comes story. Since both will take some telling, I decided that one will be early morning (still Devil’s Night) and the other will be later tonight (i.e., real Halloween). So the question is, which one is more suited to real Halloween?

After doing a little research on the subject, I started to get irritated. I came across a couple of sites where Christians were condemning the celebration of this holiday (aren’t they always condemning something?) as pagan. Of course, I also discovered that most Christian holidays were derived from pagan ones in order to smooth over the transition for those forced to convert. Hmmmm….

And why do they always seem to do this to the children’s holidays? No candy, no chocolate bunnies, no presents? I grew up in a Christian home myself and got all of these things and I don’t “worship Satan.” The suffocating atmosphere of the Christian faith is why I don’t go to church.

So, anyway, the two stories I have to tell involve two different things: a ghost and a Ouija board. I decided to tell the Ouija board story since it’s Devil’s Night, and I’ll save the ghost for “real Halloween.”

The first time I “played” with a Ouija board, I was in junior high. I was staying the night with my best friend E., and she had one. It took a while before it stopped spelling nonsense, then we started talking to a “spirit” who called himself Evil. Being teenage girls, we asked all the expected questions: who am I going to marry? when will I die? blah, blah, blah. It was fun. Evil told me I would marry a guy named D., and even though it was spelled differently, four years later, I actually did. (By the way, Ouija rules state that you should never ask these questions, but I’m not sure why. I think it has something to do with not wanting to know.)

A year or so later, my brother was staying with a friend, and he had a Ouija board. My brother, C., called me at home and told me they were using it and I told them to ask for Evil. C. called me periodically to tell me what was being said, and for some reason I started getting nervous. I was at home by myself, so it was a little creepy. Then, my brother told me that Evil said he was going to do something to me. I was cleaning the house, so every time I would open a closet door or step into another room, I would expect something to come flying out at me. I was freaked. When my brother called back, he said he had asked Evil what he had done to me, and he spelled out “scared.”

But the real deal went down when I was seventeen. A friend that was staying with me, B., and I were talking about Ouija boards and decided to try and make one. I remembered the layout perfectly and drew it on a stiff piece of cardboard, complete with the Parker Bros. sun and moon in the corners. We used the top of a box that had held a necklace so that it had an oval cut out in the middle, and since B. told me that the eye of the planchette had to be covered to contain the “spirits“, we covered it with a piece of cellophane.

The board actually worked after just a few minutes. It did the same thing as in my first experience, spelling nonsense, so I assumed this was normal. But soon we were getting answers to our questions. It actually seemed to work better than the Parker Bros. version.

My mother freaked when she found out that we had it in the house. She had a bad experience with one as a teenager. Her friends were on the board while she was doing dishes, and they wouldn’t stop asking questions even after the “spirit” had said goodbye. My mother got suddenly sick and had to rush to the bathroom to vomit. And she wasn’t even touching the board. I assured her that everything was fine and actually brought it into the room with her and starting asking questions. It told her some information about a woman she worked with that had just had a miscarriage, something B. and I knew nothing about.

We entertained our friends the same way. Whenever anyone would come over while we were on the board, they would tell us that they thought it was bullshit, and I would tell Evil (I always contacted him) to “show them.” He would tell them something about themselves that we had no way of knowing, and they would be amazed.

During this time, we met a guy that worked at the Citgo named J. When B. asked him casually if he knew anything about Ouija boards, he dramatically stopped what he was doing and stared at her with wide eyes. He supposedly knew a lot. He told us that a homemade board was more powerful than one made by Parker Bros. We took the board to his house one day only to find that he pushed the planchette and made it say whatever he wanted. But when B. and I got on the board, it started to tell him and his wife things about themselves that we did not know. You could tell he was freaked by it actually working on its own. At one point, their cat came walking towards the board, and the “spirit” spelled out, “Here, kitty, kitty.” Supposedly, cats are easy to possess, so we made sure to keep it away.

Things started getting crazy after that. The behavior of the board became less and less “fun.” We were on the board constantly, having eight to ten sessions a day, while things got creepier. There was a night that B. and I played Simon Says with the board. “Simon Says close the door…Simon Says turn off the light…” The planchette began to race in the dark and we were so scared at that point that we kept a Bible close by. Just as I reached out to touch it, my mom pulled into the driveway and her headlights lit up the room. We screamed and ran out of the house. (Interesting thing about the Bible — if it was too close to the board, it wouldn’t work. And if you placed a hand on the Bible while on the board, it would immediately stop.) My mom’s boyfriend at the time had “dabbled” in devil worship in his youth. He came to the house with her one night but stopped in the doorway. He said, “I’m not coming in until they get that thing out of there.” She had not told him about the Ouija board.


One night, B. decided to work the board on her own. This is not advised due to the danger of possession (or so I hear) and I’m not sure if she was moving it on her own to fuck with me or what. B. claimed to have known a medium who taught her a few tricks… Looking back at all the bullshit she told me, I don’t believe her, but what I do believe is what happened when she got on the board.

While she was talking to Evil, he began to laugh — represented by repeating HA-HA. He suddenly stopped and spelled out “maggot.” B. asked where. He said “In front of —.” Me, in other words. I was sitting on the floor and I thought he was making fun of B. since she was sitting in front of me, but he spelled it again, so I looked on the floor in front of me and there was a maggot on the carpet. I hate maggots. I freaked out, so B. had to kill it. When she got back to the board, he laughed again and said “maggot.” I instinctively knew to look to my left, and there on the carpet was another maggot. I killed that one because now I was getting pissed, and then looked to my right to find yet another maggot. Three single maggots on three sides of me. There was no explanation as to why there were maggots on my living room floor. And placed so well to each side of me. I decided right then and there that we were getting rid of it.

Just before we left, our girl friend J. showed up. She wanted to “play” with the board. She had never been successful before, which she attributed to the fact that her grandfather was a preacher. Who knows? That night, when she put her fingers on the planchette, B. screamed and said she had felt something touch her hand. That was it. We grabbed the board and ran out of the house. As we were leaving, a picture sitting on top of the TV fell over. Maybe it was a breeze and maybe it wasn’t. But it definitely added to the mood. We ran to J.’s car and sped towards Citgo J.’s house.

On the way there, B. suddenly tells J. to watch out for the little boy. We asked “What little boy?” She said, “The little boy standing in the street.” There was no little boy. We told her so and she insisted that she saw a little boy standing in the street. We were almost crying at this point, screaming at her to shut up, there was no little boy. As we got closer to Citgo J.’s house, we stopped at an intersection. There was an old black man pushing a bicycle on the side of the road. I had seen him a few times around town, but this time was different. When we stopped, I looked out the window at him. I couldn’t see his face, but I saw him move. He turned smoothly ninety degrees and faced the car. I was just about to comment on how creepy it was when J. started screaming and peeled rubber across the intersection. She said she had seen his eyes and that they were glowing red. We were severely fucked up by the time we got to Citgo J.’s house.

When we got there, we told him what happened and that we wanted to give him the board. He immediately got on it. As mentioned before, he pushed the planchette. So he felt he had to add to the drama by stating that his wife’s rapist was supposedly in the backyard. His wife, of course, started hyperventilating. He went out to the backyard (by himself) and came back to tell us that a man had been standing there in a trance. I don’t believe any of that shit, but that was the end of our evening.

The next morning, B. said that when she woke up, she saw maggots on the floor at the head of my bed where I was sleeping. She killed them and waited to tell me after I woke up. From that point, I went into withdrawal. I had been used to being on the board every day, all day. I just sat in my room and didn’t want to do anything. I had no energy. B. had to force me out of the house. That lasted two days.

So, if anyone ever wonders if Ouija boards are for real, YES! Is it a game? NO!! I believe that evil spirits and demons use it as a portal and I would not advise anyone to ever use one. The most fucked up part, though, is that to this day, believing all that, if you put a Ouija board in front of me, I’m going to want to use it.

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